The site: an abandoned rocky pasture, reverted to wooded land, sloping down to a pond. A contemporary house, open in its design, with stone flagged floors and windows from floor to ceiling, was sited to capture the rugged beauty of the land.

The challenge in designing the landscape was to meld the landscape with the house. A central theme is outdoor garden rooms that become extensions of the home.

“Veracka maintained the natural look of the land. He incorporated many native plants, artfully placed rocks, and created seating with large granite slabs and natural stone steps set into the hillside. He kept many of the original trees, clearing the few that truly hampered the view…the only missing element is a lawn, but that’s the point. ‘My client is very happy without one,’ said Veracka. ‘It cuts down on water and maintenance…the last thing she wanted to be bothered with was maintaining a lawn.’”