A Sense of Wonder: The Season of Winter is the Time to Plan for Making a Green Thumbprint!

“It’s easy to describe the leaves in the Autumn, and it’s oh so easy in the Spring, but down through January and February, it’s a very different thing… ”
– Van Morrison
crack in the iceGardeners and designers tend to have an appreciation of nature and in turn have a greater stake in the future of our environment. With all the development around us, and the general mass consumption of resources, more than ever, we must think globally and act locally and thoughtfully, and put into our daily lives a way of designing green landscapes with lower environmental impact.
One such simple way — in the warmer months — is to plant trees. Trees are the lungs of the planet. What we breathe out, trees breathe in. Considering the amount of carbon humans produce per year, not just from our lungs , but from automobiles and all the industries that produce all the things we love, we are fortunate that trees have the capacity to do this. A healthy mature tree can absorb upwards from 26-50 lbs. of carbon dioxide per year and exhale enough oxygen for a family of four.
So during this quiet, down time of year, when landscape gardeners rest, plan and plot for the coming season of growth and activity, plan now for lessening your own personal carbon footprint. Become aware of and support the efforts of local organizations that plant trees…and get involved planting your own (and your community’s) trees.


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